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Greenland Pines Elementary School9

Jacksonville, FL | Duval County

December 5, 2014

The school hired a whole bunch of people stading around up front every morning and drink coffe with the coffee cup on they're hand chating or working NOT so sure , but is doesn't look good

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October 11, 2013

My child attended Kindergarten at this school. Towards the end of school I noticed that he had started to suck on his shirt, a nervous habit he had developed. I went to speak with his teacher about my concerns and was meet with the teacher telling me that she wasn't sure if he would progress to 1st grade and sited the fact that she felt he had ADD as the issue. Mind you, this was in the last 3 WEEKS of school! I brought forth a concern and was met with an attack on my child. I made the financially hard decision to move him to private school where he was tested and placed in the 1st grade. In my first parent teacher conference this year, I was raving about how my son who hated going to school (he was super excited in the beginning of kindergarten) all of the sudden liked it again and was excited about learning. His new teacher explained that reading his records from his Kindergarten teacher was a shock. The child she described in her negative filled review was not my child at all. I am proud to say that my son is doing wonderful and is right on target for 1st grade as he should be. The school you pick makes a huge difference and I would never recommend GPE to anyone at any age.

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August 14, 2013

My son did well in GPE, except for one thing. In Kindergarten and First Grade, I mentioned to the teachers that my son wasn't holding his pencil properly and asked what we could do to correct it. Both of them told me not to worry...that he would correct on his own. By fourth and fifth grade, he still had not done so. By this point, we had determined he had ADHD and we got him on a 504 plan. During the 504 plan meeting, the teachers brought the pencil issue to my attention. I told them what the earlier teachers told me and they were livid, saying it should have been corrected in the very beginning...and that they would probably not be able to correct him at that point. I found their admonishments of me rude and their lack of willingness to even try to help him at that point extremely disappointing. In addition to this, I also found the teachers in the later grades to be very difficult to communicate with. Emails were not answered in a timely manner and in many cases, their answer would affect the assignments my son was turning in. All in all, it is a really great school...but some improvements need to be made.

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June 9, 2013

Greenland Pines Elementary is a good school until your kid gets to fourth/fifth grade. The teachers are very hands off and don't seem to invest in the kids future. My kid had 4 A's and a B in fifth grade so that is not the source of this review. During the orientation one of the teachers stated that she would update a website if she had time because she has her own life to live. She didn't update the website more than a few times over the 175 day school year. NOTE TO TEACHER...If you get paid to update the website do so! If you do not you shouldn't even bring it up. My wife and I called for a conference of teachers an one didn't bother to show up forcing us to reschedule and causing one of us to miss the second meeting. It takes an act of congress to speak to the teachers so if you love your kids and are super involved be ready to be frustrated with their teacher's/school's policy about meetings. My wife and I are very busy and use the websites and meetings to help us stay involved with our kids work. We were very happy with the first-third grade teachers and their involvement in our children's lives so not all negative. Thanks for reading.

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May 16, 2013

my son goes to first grade. We really like this school and completely satisfied with his class teacher. Keep up the good work!

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February 12, 2013

My child is constantly coming home and mentioning that he feels he is being bullied by his afternoon teacher because he is bored and does not want to sit down while in class. We have had many conferences with this teacher and she never reflects what we ask of her. Instead she believes she knows whats best for my child. Yet she doesn't challenge him to his full potential. Instead she is constantly complaining that he has ADHD. First off who is she to diagnose my child with ADHD, she is not a psychologist. We have had him tested and he doesnt even meet the criteria of being ADHD. We have been to a psychologist and we have been told that his a brilliant child that is above his grade level and needs to be challenged in order for him to not be bored. More than 20% of students who are in grade school are misdiagnosed annualy for grades K-5. Thats a pretty high statistic considering thats about 1.5 million kids on average.

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August 19, 2012

Its a great school, but the teachers need to have more patience with the kids,and not take so personal. Every one has good days, and bad days. kids need disciplined , but at the same time they will always be kids.

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April 4, 2012

We have been in this school for 2 years. The teachers are great, the extended program is safe and wonderful. I am unsure why some of the reviews had saftey issues, because I feel quite different. They check ID and even made my daughters grandparents go back home to get their ID prior to pick up of their grandchild for security issues. Great!!!

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November 18, 2011

When I went to pick up my 8 year old brother from school, he was not in the line. I talked to the teachers watching the kids in the line and they had no idea who I was talking about. When they were told who his teacher was, they didn't bother to page him. After calling the police to report a missing child, his teacher brought him out, along with all of the other car-riders in his class, over ten minutes AFTER they were supposed to be at the pick-up line. This is unacceptable!

April 13, 2011

When my youngest child had barely turned 5 years old he was eligible to go to kindergarten at GPE - our biggest concern was that he had behavioural issues that would get him in trouble with the teacher - he is also stubborn as a mule when he thinks he is in his right and he is wronged- He went from having one Teacher to having 3 in the classroom as class size grew during the year. He made more marked improvement behaviorally before the class got bigger. That and that Alone is the only negative thing I can say about GPE and that is Not the teachers fault, it is just the fact of the situation for an increasingly popular school - if this were a private sector enterprise, the cost of admission would have skyrocketed, due to the superior product that the school is. Well done GPE teachers and admin. and workers -

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September 15, 2010

My son has been in the ESE Preschool program at Greenland Pines for 2 years now and I can't say enough wonderful things about the staff at this school. The level of patience, and understanding is amazing and I would not send my child anywhere else, the school is safe and the staff friendly, keep up the good work GPE.

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May 27, 2010

You most likely will say that this can not be proven, and will not post it, when in fact it can be. Several teachers over the past 3 years at Greenland have not been doing the proper paper work on students. One set of teachers did not even know what an AIP was, and therefore did not do necessary AIP s on students. Teachers have even been caught lying to the principle about completing these forms and yet these same teachers remain at Greenland. This has caused several students to be held back, and others to leave Greenland Pines for better schools. Greenland is not a top notch school as many would think.

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May 26, 2010

When we first started at GPE everything was great. However, as the children got older it got worse. Some of the teachers do not have the patience anymore for them. I have just recently heard a teacher calling a child an "idiot" just because he was walking the wrong way at the car rider section. I believe in parent discipling their child at home for starters, but if the teacher can not longer handle children then they should look else where for a job. I have heard teachers yelling in the classes rooms. This year has been the worse when it comes to the behavior of some of the teachers. They get away with too much and should be talked to or suspened for their behavior.

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December 5, 2009

This is the most caring and concern staff and teachers that I have ever witness. The teachers are terrific at engaging the students and you can feel their true passion of developing the young minds that attend their classes

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November 3, 2009

Wonderful Teachers, Great Administration, 'A' school for Years-led by an incredible Principal !!!!! Awesome students !

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