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Hendricks Avenue Elementary School9

Jacksonville, FL | Duval County

November 21, 2014

Best school ever! Tons of parent/PTA involvement, student enrichment activities, teacher that go above and beyond

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August 2, 2014

I used to go here from 1st to 2nd grade and this school was amazing. When I first moved to Florida I came from the Phillipines and didn't know very much English and I remember them taking extra effort to help me. There was no bullying from what I remember. Everyone was just so nice. By the way I'm in highschool now & this school really did leave a mark on me.

April 1, 2013

The school provides several opportunities for my son to have a holistic growth and development. The academics and extra-curricular activities are well balanced and the teachers & staff are extra helpful. Parents like me are engaged in many programs and activities to support our kids growth as well as our community. This year is my son's last year in this school and he'll bring many wonderful memories with him. Kudos to all the teachers and staff of HAE.

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June 2, 2012

The Teachers and staff are unbelivable! I love this school!!!The principal rocks and is very interactive with the kids and adults!

June 10, 2011

Really top-flight. Wonderful teachers in charming physical plant built in the early 40s and spotlessly maintained. Prinipal--RB Rhoades--is very progressive and loved by the children. Our child transferred to Hendricks from San Jose Episcopal Day School in Jacksonville last year. We found that the students at Hendricks were much better prepared than those at San Jose in math, reading and writing, and enjoyed much better enrichment opportunities. Why pay $9000 a year for a sub-standard private school education when you can send your child to a top-flight public school at no cost? Teachers email you at least twice a week and are always available to discuss your child's progress. I wish I could give this school a 6 out of 5. It certainly deserves it!

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October 7, 2009

Great school, great atmosfera.

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October 17, 2008

I have heard nothing but good things about this school as with the previous comments. However, I am finding a few things disconcerting with my child in first grade. Neighboring schools with children in the same grade have, for instance, weekly math homework, weekly reading assignments which the teacher will assess the child's comprehension of the work at the weeks' end. My child has absolutely nothing brought home aside from a list of seven spelling words and Sunshine Math. Where is all daily work?? The concept of S. Math is progressive difficulty. But if I have no standard of where my child is with math concepts with no homework then how do I explain math equations that have progressive difficulty?? So I have no measure of where my child might be struggling or where I can help. I'm concerned that this school is keeping up with the progress of neighboring schools.

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October 15, 2008

I'm 44 years old, went to this school and choose to have my two children there rather than private schoool. Many of the parents at Hendricks could afford private but are smart enough to take advantage of this public gem. Some commenters have taken shots about focus on religion (not true, but not a bad thing in a deteriorating society) and uncaring staff (not true). Regarding comments about 'no talking' in the cafeteria; I have lunch with my children and can tell you a period of silence is imposed if the chatter gets too loud - nothing extreme.... my wife and I volunteer and there's a reason the school has had 100% PTA membership since something like the mid-70's. The teachers are the best - they routinely come to their students' sporting events! While the principal might exhibit some 'unapproachable' tendencies as some have posted, she gets the job done.

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August 6, 2008

We have loved this school and would not be happy with any others in this area.

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June 25, 2008

The negative reviewer must be confusing this with another school. Everyone who is involved with Hendricks Ave Elem, absolutely loves this school. Their are many people who attend the school from out of the school boundary because they want their kids to go there. It is quite an excellent school and the kids are taught very well by caring staff and there is much support from parents both financially and in person. Great school.

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June 8, 2008

I have 2 sons in Hendricks. Our family enjoys the yearly 'Reading With the Stars' night as well as the carnival and ice cream social. We are proud that our children attend a school with high standards for BOTH academics and behavior. The FCAT is a huge focus and I agree that that could be brought down a notch, I also feel that more emphasis should be put on math to balance out the overall education. Every school has things they could improve upon. Unfortunately, state funding is making our arts and physical education classes suffer. For the most part, my sons have had good, kind, nurturing teachers. One son has had a medically challenged child in his class for years. This school is not a below standard, stifling, useless school as suggested in another review. Let's not forget that this school has been an ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT MAGNET for several years.

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March 4, 2008

Hendricks has a fantastic educational environment. My child attended another local elementary school and Hendricks is by far superior in all respects. No complaints about anything.

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March 2, 2008

Hendricks is staffed by teachers who for the most part are uncaring and dismissive of their students. They have also been known to be discriminatory to children with medical issues. The principal leaves her work to the vice principal. They have no positive programs in place for children's quarterly successes and place far too much emphasis on the FCAT which leaves the children for the majority of the year, uneducated in the remaning subjects at hand. This causes children who leave the school to be ahead of the game in FCAT aspects but behind in others. There is not enough physical activities planned nor is there a grade level music program. The art programs leave much to be desired. I moved my daughter out of this below standard school to a much better one in a different state and wow! what a difference!!! Stifling, rigid and useless is what Hendricks is.

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February 22, 2008

I have four children and over the years, they have attended a mix of both private and public schools. While my two oldest are graduates of the magnet programs here in Duval County (both from Stanton IB), I recently removed my younger children from Hendrick's after only one year. I found the learning environment to be stifling, boring and flat out rigid. The principal and teachers constantly punish and reward, for silly things like 'silence' in the halls and at lunch and '25 Books Read', without any thought as to quality or if a 'silent' school is really a worthwhile goal at all. My children chaffed constantly over the abundance of rules and frankly, as a parent, I was constantly harangued to donate both time and money to overtly religious events. I agree with an earlier assessment: the education and environment at this school are both dull and uninspired.

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November 16, 2007

My son started at Hendricks last year as a 1st grader, I absolutly love this school. I have read all of the reviews left, and several of them stated that for the new and younger aged parents it was harder to get involved unless you were on the PTA board, I can say that that is untrue, I'm a younger and newer parent and I am called to volunteer for many things, and have helped be in charge of part of the planning for an event, you just have to call someone to request to volunteer if you are not called by them, they are very generous and love to include ones who call them directly.

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