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First Coast High School3

Jacksonville, FL | Duval County

September 2, 2014

The Principal of the school, Dr Brennan, received one star for leadership because it will not allow me to leave zero stars. In only half a year, he has taken a school that had just been designated an "A" school and dumped it into the toilet. He has effectively ended all extracurricular activities with the exception of football by requiring the activity leaders to submit written plans for all activities and fundraisers for the year, and then refusing to approve or deny them. The chorus has been bumped from a free event because they did not RSVP in time. They will not have their uniforms in by the scheduled date of their first concert, because they haven't been approved. The male choir and the jazz band have been terminated, for no real explanation. All band classes are now the same, so that juniors and seniors who have played all the way through high school are now stuck in classes with freshmen who don't know which end of their instrument to blow into. He states that he wants to focus on academics, but is obviously so short sighted that he doesn't realize that limiting or eliminating extracurricular activities is going to cause his best students to go elsewhere.

Submitted by a parent

August 21, 2014

I agree with another parent about trying to be involved and getting nowhere with the staff. Last year my son was in 9th grade and I made multiple attempts to meet with the guidance counselor. First two calls went to voice mail, which was full, so I couldn't leave a message. Third call I left a message but never received a phone call in return. Emailed each of his teachers and only received a response from two. One was Luke warm at best, while the other was very supportive. Front office staff is extremely rude when you have questions and they can rarely give you an answer. ROTC is their only saving grace for my child. If your child is highly motivated to get high grades, they will probably be fine. But if your child is like so many other kids, they all not be supported and encouraged and parent involvement seems almost unwelcome.

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April 6, 2014

This is an A school. The teachers and students have worked hard to strive for a school grade that reflects the achievements of the students, not public opinion. If you ever really want to know what happens in a school get involved by doing more than complaining and making phone calls, show up for school events or volunteer. Spend some time really getting to know the wonderful students in this school for yourself. Many awards, scholarships (both academic and athletic), industry certifications, early college classes, are all accomplished by the students at this school.

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October 24, 2013

I just started attending this school. There are uncertified teachers here who don't know anything. One teacher asked me to correct his mistakes because when I came to the school i knew the concepts. Its the beginning of the second nine weeks and the class is on the 2nd week of school work because the teachers for the class kept quitting. Very unorganized. Kids are disobedient and hinders learning for those who want to.

August 15, 2013

Awful. Extremely disorganized, staff and guidance shows no care, interest, or respect for students, poor teaching that causes problems when taking standardized/AP tests, security guards that show favoritism and allow certain kids to skip classes, a general feeling of incompetence and lack of safety. Not to mention the blatant racial prejudice shown by the staff and majority of students. Overall, awful experience. If you want your child to receive a quality education in a safe environment, this is not the school for them.

Submitted by a parent

August 5, 2013

first coast high school is a wonderful school . but the dress code is wayyyy to strict hopefully that would change this year

Submitted by a student

August 4, 2013

First Coast High school is a Five Star place of learning. I give the school its stars by the location of the school and the disciplinary of their students. If respect is not present among the staff and student the learning is in vain within our society.

Submitted by a parent

June 18, 2013

First Coast High School is the school that my whole family has graduated from. Everyone says the school is horrible and saying how the teachers don't care, how we fight every day, or how it's not safe. Our teachers do care. I'm going into the 10th grade, and my freshman year was great. The teachers knew we were scared about entering highschool and they did everything they could to help us feel at home. I was in the AP/Honors program and my teachers did everything to help me and other students get ready for my exams and the FCAT. Next, we don't fight every day. We may have a few fights every week but it's not everyday. Wherever you hear that, they're over exaggerating. Another thing, First Coast is one of the safest schools. You can't walk out of a classroom without running into security. They make sure that students are where they're supposed to be. So stop putting the school down, and learn the truth. Just because our grade is bad, doesn't mean it's a bad school. First Coast is like home to a lot of students, especially me. The faculty are like parents and care for the students. Send your child to First Coast and have them join the family, they'll love it and so will you.

Submitted by a student

April 17, 2013

First Coast is a wonderful school! Teachers care about their students, and want them to succeed. There are bad apples at any school, don't let that 1% prevent your child from attending one of the best schools in Duval County!

January 22, 2013

I wouldn't suggest this school to my worst enemy. I have talked to guidance counselors who were clueless. All this school is concerned with is winning football games. They could careless about the children's education, although I have met with some teachers who long to do more but can't. The classrooms are overcrowded and some of the teachers are only there to collect a paycheck. My daughter did her freshman year in HS in Illinois and due to having to relocate because of my job, my daughter's experience in high school has taken a turn for the worse and as a parent who is much involved with my children's education. I am highly disappointed. My daughter completed her 9th grade in Illinois, came to First Coast and they still registered her in the 9th grade when she was suppose to be in 10th and haven't fixed it yet as they said they would and she is suppose to be entering her senior year. This mess is crazy!

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February 28, 2011

Because this is our neighborhood school and we didn t want to bus our kid into a magnet school we gave First Coast High a try. I would not recommend this school if your child s education is important to you. If your kid goes to school because you are required by law to make them go then this school will help your child get by. If your child wants to make something of them self in life, find another school even if it means bussing into a magnet school.

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October 26, 2010

This is the most disorganized school that I've ever been associated with.Communication between administratIon and parents is virtually non existent. Good luck having your call returned. Fights and assaults are commonplace with little follow through from staff.Some teachers seem to have great difficulty in keeping up with work that has been turned in resulting in erronious grading.If you have another choice I highly recommend that you place your child some place other than FCHS. It's sad that the high school experience has had a negative impact on my child

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October 13, 2010

our school has a lot of great teahers that are there for the childrens education.. as parents we need alot of them to be involved in thier childs education ... teachers cannot do it by their self.. as a parent i am so invoved with my childrens schools.. first coast has an awesome faculty... always able to answer any questions we have if they cant they direct us to the right person who can. but parent involvement is a must..

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June 21, 2010

I go to First Coast. I have Since Freshmen year & I have found First Coast to be a good school for the only school in my area. Im in National Honor Society & it looks good for when I graduate. The teachers are really good I have a 4.5 GPA. I dont know why FC has such bad reviews because its actually good. Students from ALL of the Northside come to Coast so that can make the school bad but if you ask me I rather go to First Coast than Andrew Jackson or Ribualt schools of that nature. So if someone is saying that the school wouldnt look good on your college application itactually does if your making good grades that makes the school letter grade go up. But at FC there are alot of students that dont care and make HORRIBLE grades which makes First Coast look bad.

Submitted by a student

April 4, 2010

This school has numerous students lingering in the hall ways seemiling nowhere to go for whole class periods. Open gambling was observed in one classroom. Numerous student fights during the week. Maybe it was a bad week, but things seemed to be a normal everyday occurrance, judging by the attitude of School faculty attitudes during observed events. Also, numerous pregnant students. The overall observation is this enviroment is not conducive to an educational atmosphere.

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