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Paxon School/Advanced Studies10

Jacksonville, FL | Duval County


April 20, 2014

Paxon's offers great courses, looks great on college applications, and is very diverse. If you or your child want this, definitely go here. But be prepared to have the life sucked out of you. The courses are lovely - APs, IB, decent electives. But you won't learn hardly anything. At Paxon, you cram information into your head to pass exams, and that's it. Most of the teachers don't care about you- or the information they teach. They want you to pass the exams. They don't want you to learn - they want you to memorize. This seems worth it if you want to look good. But beware- your grades are probably going to drop. Low. You'll be an average, C-student, in a good-looking school. And yes, Paxon is VERY diverse. The guy next to you is from Africa and the teacher is probably from Cambodia or something. But these people always split up into harsh cliques. Want to sit next to that IB Asian kid in the cafeteria? Too bad. You're black and in AP. You can't be friends. Sorry. Most of the people at Paxon are obnoxious rich people anyway. Not very enjoyable. Prepare to be bullied too- that's normal. Paxon's also great if you want to get hit by a bus. Come visit the loading zone- you'll see.

Submitted by a student

September 22, 2013

I am currently a senior in the AP program at Paxon and I love it! It can be challenging at times but the hard work is worth it. I've known students who started college in their Sophomore or Junior year by passing the AP exams thanks to their hard work and our amazing teachers. Paxon isn't perfect, but neither is any other school. We have a few questionable teachers and our share of bad students but you won't find a school that doesn't. If you want to get a quality education that will prepare you for college while having fun at the same time you should choose Paxon. Some people think it's all academics 24/7 and studying ever night until midnight. I've never had to stay up late for homework unless it was my fault for waiting until the last minute. From pep rallies to football games to homecoming week and not to mention numerous clubs, Paxon has it all. It's the perfect balance between work and fun and I can honestly say it's been the best 4 years of my life. Most of the students at Paxon are very open minded and welcoming. I've hardly come across someone bullying or teasing others. Our student body is VERY diverse, which is one of the many, many reasons it's such an amazing school :)

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August 1, 2013

This school have proven to be one of the best schools in Duval County. My grand daughter and grand-son enjoy the learning environment at Paxon. My kids are prepared to looking forward to the future, knowing that their education at this school (Paxon-School-Advance-Studies) has prepared them for any situation that any College or University may employ (Math. Science, History, etc.). We appreciate the on-going instruction and direction from concern teachers and staff members. The home work and extra work assignments contribute to the success of this school.

February 7, 2013

This school is like Burger King, Have it your way. The leadership here is awful. The Principal allow one of his closest VP to run his school. They have no real communication with each other nor with the teachers. They have VP changing the teachers grades on students and I know that is a Big NO, NO. So I hope this new Superintendent will start looking into these problems in these schools, especially at Paxon Advanced Studies

Submitted by a parent

January 22, 2013

it was gud skool an i say to myself wat a wunderful werld i wet ther and i turly seigh it gud

August 11, 2012

This school offers excellent academics as noted. However, my son's experience at PSAS was not very good. He is mild mannered. This did not fit with the majority of the other young men who looked like him at Paxon and he was subsequently bullied, attacked and seriously injured. Duval County School Board and the administration at the school all have their heads buried in the sand. Some of the young men at this school are out of control and violent. Theadministration does not like writing referrals as this reflects negatively on the school's image. Thus, a lot of infractions go unpunished.

Submitted by a parent

March 13, 2012

I am a current alumni of Paxon from the class of 2011. I spent the four of my best years at Paxon. This school is challenging. However, it brings the best of ones abilities out. The school has a wonderful leadership program with the teachers as well as for the students. The JROTC is one of the best in Jacksonville. They hold the highest of distinction awards available for the program. the AP classes and IB courses are rigorous, but it leads and prepares the student for further schooling. Such as, college, medical school, or whatever comes later.

March 5, 2011

take it from an alumni, it is a true diamond in the rough, in its neighborhood, it has very intelligent students and great extracurricular activities.

Submitted by a student

December 15, 2010

My son went to this school and had an extremely hard time getting help. Even though it was a challanging program, children can rise to the occasion with the appropriate guidance. After having several conferences with the teachers for assistance, I realized that if you were not in the IB program, there was no where to go to receive approprate help. Paxon has other programs besides the IB program. They need to provide assistance in those programs as well as in the IB program.

Submitted by a parent

October 31, 2010

My daughter just started this year abd si far I;m very imoressed with what we've experienced.

Submitted by a parent

October 12, 2010

Gave my son a great education !

Submitted by a parent

April 15, 2010

This school was one of the few schools in Jacksonville that received my appreciation. This year it seemed to me like the students were not as enthusiastic about learning as they had been and the teachers were worried about the new legislation. I even comfronted some students that came to school with the idea that they were not going to learn anything on that day. it is a pitty. Students give the teachers a chance to teach and apply your self so that what you learn stays with you!!!

Submitted by a parent

December 18, 2009

dress codes are overzealous here, but all other aspects are above par and just fyi, there are over 1400 kids at paxon, not 600

Submitted by a student

October 10, 2009

i go there and it is truely awesome i must say. Its all i pictured

Submitted by a student

February 13, 2009

I am a parent and really value the teachers.

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