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Julia Landon College Prepartory & Leadership Development School10

Jacksonville, FL | Duval County


January 2, 2015

I went to Landon all 3 years. The teachers here truly work you and I am actually crying right not thinking about how I have to leave in June. Every year my class has been a family. My classmates are literally like siblings to me and my teachers are so supportive and fun. If you are a good student and you and your classmates are all trying your hardest there won't be any problems. The teachers are like big siblings. I honestly never want to leave. Even in my eighth grade year, the year with the most responsibility and tests, I am enjoying myself. I'm so sad to leave my family, but I'll just have to make the best of it now. As I sit here pouring my eyes out, I think of seventh grade. I started Algebra which is a highschool course. I was so bad at algebra, and my seventh grade math teacher was the strictest of them all. I thought he was crazy... until I got my EOC scores back. I got an A on the EOC because his insane work ethic was just to prepare me for this tough test. I am appreciative of everything I learned at this school. Please go!

July 3, 2014

I attended Landon for all three years of middle school, and as a rising 9th grader headed into the Stanton IB program, I can say with all honesty that I'm going to miss this school so much and that I know it prepared me for my future. The staff truly care about the student body and will do anything in their power to help any student succeed. Some of the teachers I've had at Landon have genuinely had an impact on my character, not just my academics. Each grade level at Landon is a family; everyone cares for each other. Any issues a student may be having in or outside of the classroom will be discussed if the student so desires, which leads me to say that the guidance office is a pretty comforting place to be. The homework load definitely is anything but light, but if you learn anything from this school, it'll be time management. Landon is a place for kids who want to impact the world to "start small" by impacting people around them positively. As many lessons as you learn from the staff, whether it be regarding academics, athletics, or life, I promise that the staff will always want to learn from you, too.

February 27, 2014

This school is absolutely amazing. Not only will it prepare you for Stanton, Paxon, or any school, it will prepare you for life. Something Landon focuses on is LEADERSHIP and I believe this makes Landon stick out from other middle schools such as James Weldon Johnson. Landon is the #1 school in Jacksonville, and that is quite an honor. Also was #2 in the whole entire state of Florida. Leadership can take you anywhere in life and build many new relationships and life skills in the future. I highly reccomend this school for any child that is ready to work hard and want a successful future. HIGHLY reccomend this school. Love it love it love it.

October 10, 2013

Julia Landon is the best school. The teachers are really supporting! They have great electives but more time could b spent between classes it is a wonderful school with no inappropriate behaviors

September 26, 2013

This is the BEST school in Duval County! Teachers are the best, nice facilities, good parent involvement!

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July 27, 2013

Landon is a great school. I will miss it so much next year in high school.

June 30, 2013

Point of Information: Landon became a "dedicated" (ALL students must apply to go to the school, whether they live in the neighborhood or not) magnet school at least 5 years ago. Some of the earlier comments below (2006) are when it was still a regular neighborhood middle school. Not sure what the racial mix of the school was then, what the problems were or who was the principal, but when it became a magnet, it got a new principal and probably all new teachers. The discipline and safety problems one parent commented about are not there now. I have not heard from my kids about it being "clique-y". My one daughter has been teased (a lot - by one kid) but I don't think it is a BIG problem at the school. And the principal is made aware of digital bullying/problems too. Teaching to the test is a problem EVERYWHERE because of FCATS and teachers' salaries are riding on kids' performance. The curriculum at Landon IS challenging with LOTS of homework, but that's why parents send their kids there - it's college prep - leading to IB and AICE programs. The neighborhood middle school my children would have gone to gives little to NO homework. We are VERY Happy with Landon.

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June 7, 2013

Landon Middle - if you want a real education go somewhere else. This school only has a high rating because they force recycling of grades and extra credit. Any student with a C can recycle and bring it up to an A with extra credit by semester end. If you are really an A student, there is nothing for you here. All teaching is for the tests. Silent lunch. Extensive bullying and staff pets. I am so dissapointed.

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March 3, 2013

I am an 8th grader at Julia Landon and I must say that when I leave for high school, I will be crying my eyes out when the last day of school comes! To any parents or kids that are considering attending Landon, YOU HAVE TO GO! It is such an amazing school! The teachers are excellent and strive to improve the students' learning skills and grades every day! The environment is very homey and safe, and I feel like I can easily walk up to a teacher or student or staff member without feeling intimidated or nervous. Everyone actually knows YOU, not by your grades (even though the principal and some teachers know every Benchmark and FCAT score all the students had) but by your personality! I've made long lasting friendships not just with students but teachers and the staff too! I have learned so many different things these past few years, and because of Landon, I have become a more social, well rounded, globally aware, rigorously studious, and caring leader. I'll be honest, when I first attended Landon, I was ignorant and refused to like Landon because I missed my old school, but I immediately realized there's nothing to not like! I LOVE LANDON! :D

January 18, 2013

This is the BEST school. My daughter had to leave in her eight grade year because we had to move which just pains me. I wish she could have stayed. Amazing school. They do give a lot of home work. Hours of it. Coach Harris for girls b-ball was the greatest. Mrs. Bravo is an amzing principal!

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November 25, 2012

In think that JLCP is a great school in terms of its environment, but I believe that more insight is needed to make the learning experiences more hands on rather than heavily computer based.Nevertheless, my child is blessed to be part if this school. I sincerely apprecaite the effort put forth to assist students and think that it will only get better and better.

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January 11, 2012

This school will not dissapoint! Great teachers, staff, and kids. Great place to be! You will love it and I reccomend it! All teachers want your child to leave Julia Landon successful! You will be suprised how supportive the staff is. Trust me, the principal is fantastic! She knows everthing from your FCAT scores or Benchmark, she is a great principal. Once she knows your name she will never forget it. Trust me she is amazing!

July 2, 2011

A note to the effective leadership and talented faculty: As a parent and substitute teacher, I applaud Landon's approach to structure and work ethic. The teachers aren't perfect, (who could manage 110 students per week perfectly?) however, they are an amazingly effective, adaptive and talented crew keeping their eye on Dr. Coker-Daniels vision and priorities. Good schools start with good structure and discipline. The block periods and structured movement eliminate many transition issues from the hallway, having 90 min. periods instead of 45 minutes. Drama at the lockers and exclusivity of cliques, so rampant in middle school, is minimized. Students have no choice but to get to work in a cooperative, encouraging environment. Friends are made within classrooms and by the end of the year, a student knows and perhaps bonds with an eclectic set of peers. I suspect Landon is creating a success story in Duval County. Along the way, students touched by faculty's mentorship, will come back and grab a hug or share a memory because they cared enough to put them through some tough stuff. Students are proud to be part of Landon's legacy to Duval County. Bring on the critics.

July 1, 2011

My child goes here & She loves it.....the teachers are VERY helpful. My daughter passed with straight A's!!!! This school is truely amazing.

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February 7, 2011

This middle school is fantastic! I believe my child had the best teachers available. They recognized potential and challenged my child to learn to the best of her ability, taught her how to research, think outside the box, etc. This place was an answer to prayer! The principal and staff are fantastic, very approachable, and easy to love!

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