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Fruit Cove Middle School10

Saint Johns, FL | St. Johns County

April 20, 2014

I would rate the teachers a 5. My child is about to graduate, and all but two of his teachers have been stellar. He love s most of his teachers, and they've impacted him positively. He had two teachers even attend some important milestone celebrations in his life. He has been challenged academically, no doubt. The teachers are very caring and do a great job. The only complaints are the majority of the students and parents do not care for the dean. He could use more caring tactics with the kids and their parents. Also, the principal does not engage with the students and parents. But, all-in-all, it's the teachers who matter, and they are a 5! Creekside, here we come!

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March 12, 2014

Two of my children have attended FCMS. As a military family, my children have attended numerous schools in the past. I would say that FCMS is the top. Although the size of the school is large, individual attention is given to each child and communication is great! I have seen by 8th grader flourish from starting in 6th grade at the school. They also are sensitive to the military kids needs. I highly recommend this school!

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January 27, 2014

After reading this last post, I was compelled to set the record stright. My child attended this school for approximately a year, and was continuously bullied. In addition to being bullied, was denied restroom privileges while suffering from a medical condition. Teachers denied my child the use of a restroom although instructed by the pediatrician to use the restroom as needed, and was provided a note to show the teachers. Some of the teachers disregarded the note, and would only let my child use the restroom based on their terms. Cooperation with the school was limited, and everytime a request was made to speak with the principal, the principal made excuses not to be available. I realized that complaining to the district was ineffective, and ultimately elected to withdraw my child from this school, since they could not provide my child a safe learning envirnment. In response to the last post, it doesn't matter which quadrant of the county the school is located, it's the people that operate it that makes the difference.

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November 11, 2013

This is an excellent school in an elite academic school district. For anyone moving to the Jacksonville area, this is absolutely the only school district you should even consider. I have read some of the comments by so-called parents and I have to challenge the validity of those comments. EIther these parents have problem children or these rants and ratings are by the teens themselves. All schools located in the NW quadrant of St. Johns County are among some of the most elite academic schools in the entire United States. Trust me, I have lived in this area since my daughter started elementary school and she is now a sophomore at Creekside High School. If you want your child to experience an education on par with the best private school education but without the tuition or cost, you'll definitely want to live in the NW quadrant of St. Johns County and send your kids to the local public school, FCMS being one of them. The academic success of this region is due to great teachers and administrators, high expectations from the students, and significant parent involvement. You'd be hard pressed to find a better education in the public school system anywhere in America.

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October 23, 2013

This is a horrible school, it has ineffective administration, and discriminates against minorities. This is based on my experience as a parent, I get a lecture when I raise issues or concerns in the areas of education, and discipline.

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August 19, 2013

This used to be a great school. The teachers were engaged with the students (there are still many great teacher but just wait until the new k-8 school opens in Durbin and you will see a mass exodus) and administrators actually cared about each student ensuring they were appropriately challenged. The administrators that have been brought in the last couple of years do not seem concerned about the students but rather are focused on school ratings and FCAT scores so they can maximize their bonuses and advancement opportunities. Ratings and scores are important when used appropriately however they are indicators, not an end in themselves. This school, with the current administration, is turning into a cold mechanical institution where teacher/student relationships are dismissed and the joy of learning is being replaced with fear of failure if not scoring high enough on the standardized tests.

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July 31, 2012

Im going to be new at this school in 7th grade because my schoo last year was horrible. I would love this one to be nice and hopefully be some nice kids. :( Wish me luck.

September 26, 2011

After reading some of the most recent previous posts, I would say they are all valid. Not everyone is horrible, there are some kind and caring souls at this school; also some wonderful teachers. with high academic expectations. That said, the school is more similar to a military base than to school. Dress code does seem to be up there on the top of the list, sometimes to the point of ridiculousness! The principle is more concern about policy than individual students, many times policy is in direct opposition of what is good for a particular student. Students are classified by FCAT scores (Yes, really) and as a parent you have NO flexibility to undo a poor placement decision. If you have a child who desires to up the any and try a higher level class, sorry you are already pigeon holed. More parents need to speak up about poor policy. Most parents are too busy earning a living and leave the school in charge of decisions pertaining to their children. Also, everything costs money and lots of it! Not exactly equality in education if you've recently lost a job or don't earn the big bucks. Free after school activities are non-existent and even band class comes with a fee.

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August 17, 2011

This is my child's 8th grade year and he is really looking forward to it. 6th grade was a difficult year of transition, but slowly things improved. Middle school is not a time for parents to unplug - you still need to watch and intervene when necessary. Should you have to, I have found the staff to be very caring. Not everybody - that's not realistic. There are a lot of good people working at FCMS and a lot of good kids, too. Hang in there and ask for help when you need it.

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February 27, 2011

over the last couple of years, I have lost faith in the principal, deans, and teachers at FCMS. This school like others in the state is struggling with the new budget cuts, and I think it affects morale. The school now lacks enthusiasm for learning and extracurricular activities. I am actually relieved that this is the last year and my last child to attend FCMS. Looking forward to more involvement by my student and me once he hits high school.

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February 13, 2011

This school is very fake. I've had a friend go through depression and drop out because of harrasment. She went to the dean and the students who where bulling her only got a warning and the harrasment continued. She eventualy dropped out and is now in depression. She was going to go to creekside but now she's not because the people of fruit cove. The staff cares more about dress code than the actual students safty and feelings. I've had friends who where being harrased and they got in trouble for nothing and the people who where harrasing them didn't get in any sort of trouble. Not to mention, the teachers are crazy (most of them, not all) all they care about is the school LOOKING good. Once you see the true colors of this school you see how fake it is. I'm in 8th grade and counting down to the days until I can get outta here and praying my friend will come out of depression and go to creekside (although unlikly) Thanks fruit cove, thanks for making the worst middle school expirance for me and my friends......

April 25, 2010

My experiences at FCMS have not been great. Most of the teachers are great but some are horrible, uncaring. I believe the principle is very unfair, also doesn't know whats going on in the school. My daughter is in 8th grade and glad its her last year at FCMS!

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November 2, 2009

I find that the use of technology is abysmally poor. While teachers and parents are asked to communicate via email, I hardly get any responses to my emails from the teachers. Further, there is no consistency in the use of learning tools amongst various teachers in the same grade. For example, while one science teacher is meticulous in providing online assignments and links to various informative sites for students to visit and learn and practice for FCAT, other science teacher for the same grade is oblivious of the very existence os such resources. Overall a good school. If your child has special needs, then you have to advocate hard to get what you want.

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July 15, 2009

Fruit Cove Middle (Go Flyers!!!) For my sixth grade year was pretty good. I liked most my teachers (Advanced) and didn't 'dread' going to school. The principle is very stict about the dress code. Very. So if you are new to the school, make sure everything is within dress code. After school activities are so much fun, I just wish there was more variety. The dances were boring unless you were an eighth grader (They had themes and decorations). I'm going into my seventh grade year and looking forword to cheering at the games!

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May 26, 2009

Awesome school worthy of anything very clean and I feel safe when I'm at school!

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